I didn’t know what to expect from freelancing…

When I got laid off from my job (the second time) I was still applying to full-time positions, but I started freelancing on the side to make some money. In the past year that I’ve been freelance, I’ve pitched stories that have been published in publications like The Zoe Report, Fashionista, Refinery29 and more.

I’ve been paid to partner with brands like Garnier, The New York Times, and Primark because I was able to convince them that out of hundreds of other bloggers, I could help tell their stories in a way that my audience would understand and relate to.

I’ve been featured on sites like Makeup.com and As Told by Women and on podcasts like Self-Care Sunday and The Female Millennial to share my knowledge about fashion, beauty, writing, social media, and more.

To learn more you can email me using the button below. I work across all budget levels.


While working tirelessly on Interview’s print issues, Austen also constantly pitched ideas for the website. As Interview’s former Senior Online Editor, I worked with Austen on her weekly column Clothes on Film, where she profiled costume designers about the iconic looks they created for memorable films, as well as larger features. She always met deadlines and was receptive to feedback.” - Trey Taylor, US editor at The Face

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"Partnering with Austen was such a delight! I worked with Austen on a social media campaign and she was very communicative, approachable, and creative. If you are looking for a freelancer to partner with, Austen is the person! Not only did she meet deadlines but she also promoted our products in an authentic and organic way." - Emma Grace, Assistant Manager of Community at Fur

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After connecting with Austen on social media back in 2015 to send her some Social Sunday merchandise, we began to talk more and more and I hired her on as our freelance blog editor in 2018. In the past year that Austen has worked with Social Sunday, she has also taken over our brand copywriting and works across platforms from email marketing to product descriptions to keep our voice consistent and unique. She communicates clearly, meets deadlines, and is always looking for ways to improve what we’re doing.” - Sam Sisca, CEO of Social Sunday

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“Austen is the greatest! She first contributed a piece to Making it in Manhattan about getting laid off from her job and she’s written for us ever since. She’s an incredible writer with an unbeatable work ethic. She’s incredibly creative and always brings a fresh and interesting perspective to everything she does. Plus her knowledge of the industry makes her one-of-a-kind.” - Caroline Vazzana, fashion influencer and author of Making it in Manhattan

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